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Sex toy definition, an object used to provide or increase sexual pleasure, as a dildo or vibrator. See more.

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As sex toy use has become increasingly common, it is imperative that we understand the health implications of hygiene behaviours associated with sex toy use (e.g., cleaning toys, sharing toys). A cross-sectional survey of sex toy use, characteristics of sex toy use hygiene behaviours, and vulvovaginal health outcomes in Canada

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Built for people with prostates (of the male sex, for the most part), the function of these types of sex toys is to provide direct sensation to the prostate — some vibrate, some do not. "They're a slender, curved toy that's similar to G-spot toys," says Sloane.

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‘Sex toys are most widely used in partner sex by adults aged 30 to 49.’ More example sentences ‘No surprise, adults 60 and older, who came of age before the sexual revolution, are the least likely to bring a sex toy to bed.’

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sex toy definition: 1. an object that people use to increase their sexual pleasure, such as a dildo or a vibrator 2. an…. Learn more.

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Pegging is a sex act where a man’s anus is penetrated, typically by a dildo or other anus-focused sex toy, often by a person without a penis, sometimes manually and sometimes using a strap-on.

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Learn the definitions of terms for sex and kink acts you've heard of, but don't yet know their meanings. From scissoring and docking to queening and cuckolding, it's all here.

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Some people use sex toys to masturbate or have sex with a partner (or both). Dildos are often shaped like a penis, and they come in lots of different sizes, colors, and materials. They’re usually made of soft materials like silicone or rubber, or hard materials like metal, hard plastic, wood, stone, or strong glass. A different kind of sex toy is a vibrator.